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Top 10 Reasons For Australian Businesses To Use Google My Business in 2021

Jan 10 2024 Published by admin under Uncategorized

The three major search engines are Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo!, which account for 94%, 3.9%, and 0.77% of the Australian search engine market share respectively according to research published by comScore in September 2021.

Other notable providers include AOL, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex and Dogpile etc. Even though you can use any of these engines to advertise your business online, there is one that offers additional benefits that you should take into consideration when making a choice.

In this article, experts from Red Search Australia have highlighted 10 clear benefits of why using Google My Business (GMB) is a clear winner for your business.

1. Access To Analytics
Google has analytics built into GMB which allow you to track the number of views your pages receive, clicks that they attract and more. You can find a full list of analytics available on Google’s support page.

2. Easier To Manage
This includes being able to manage all your business locations from one GMB profile. This makes it easier for you to create impactful content as well as allowing users to search for your business by city or service area.

3. More Local Visibility For Your Business
GMB allows you so many options to show your company details including images, address, phone numbers etc. These additional items allow users to quickly and easily identify which businesses are located in their areas and what is on offer

4. Custom Dashboard With Maps And More
Google’s custom dashboard allows you to customize what shows up on your business location page. The more information you have available the easier it is for people to find your place of work when doing relevant searches.

5. Real-Time Data
As GMB changes are made in real-time, when customers click on your site it will show how many hits you currently have which is far more accurate than other services that may take some time to update their data.

6. Make Changes Quickly And Easily
If there are any changes to be made (i.e., contact details), no matter how big or small, they can be done directly through Google My Business in a few simple steps without having to search around different menus or tools to find what you need.

7. Invite Your Customers To Review You
GMB makes it very easy for customers, whether they have been in store before, visited your website or used another Google product, to leave reviews. They can also indicate if they would recommend your business and the page will even show how many people recommended you so you know where you stand.

8. Higher Priority In Search Results
If a user is looking specifically for businesses like yours chances are they will click on results featuring your official profile image and name rather than one that just has an address listing because of its higher level of credibility. This ensures that when someone searches directly for your company they get accurate information right away without having to do any additional research.

9. Extra Credibility
People are much more likely to convert if they can trust that the information published is correct and non-biased. Additionally, users are familiar with how Google operates so seeing your company name alongside other major brands provides a sense of security in its ability to produce accurate results

10. Geotargeted Advertising On Google Maps
This service allows you to target certain ads based on where people are at a particular time for a maximum of 90 days. This means that you only have to pay when it’s doing what it should be — drawing attention. To find out more about how you can benefit from GMB visit their support pages.

There you have it! You can bet that most of your competitors are already listed on GMB and leveraging its many benefits. Don’t fall behind!

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Find Best Event Management Company in Mumbai

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When you are among a group or individual planning for a celebration, here we are the new and best event management company to supply the total service to complete the celebration with no absence of anything. However, there’s a variety of Event Management Companies in Mumbai available to produce the standard service to run events in an exceedingly successful manner, the customer just goes with the brand company that makes an arrangement for the event for both residential and business-oriented large events. They work as a team to produce all kind of the arrangement for the function at right time and that they have staffs those who can organize and lead the entire program with the fun and right manner. Then they will design each customer’s dream to return true and leave them together with their unforgettable moments.

The Event Management Company in Mumbai is happy to arrange for the foremost both residential and commercial projects therefore the customer can restore service at an unbeatable price with no risk of it. When you are running a large-scale corporate and you would like to plan an occasion for the worker and reward them with supported performance, no worries, you’re at the right place to induce complete service with no risk of it. they need a lot of the experience within the provide such brand support to prepare the event in an exceedingly winning way, except for that, they furnish hand to build the stakeholder in events and even, they will construct an experience which makes certain to be top of the mind to induce back for your brand within the thought.

Therefore you’ve got to search out the corporate who are dedicated to going with the most effective and effective support to prepare the events. You can ask the Event Management Company in Mumbai to assist you in founded uncommon gatherings that your workers or potentially business accomplices might have to travel to. An occurrence management company can likewise help with putting in place exchange congresses to announce your profession and any products or services that run along with your company profile. How would you recognize the events company can do your work for you the way you would like them to?

To start out with, you will make some inquiries within the event that anybody in your groups of friends has ever attempted this company a while recently. Past experience of the Event Management Company in Mumbai predicts future outcomes to a large degree. Second, you’ll simply take a gander at their own particular limited time materials to find what they are doing precisely and for a way much. See what tributes they need and also the type of organizations they may have worked in before. They should then clarify how they will address those issues inside the time, cost, labor, and asset limitations they have to measure and work under.

To conclude further, truly, only a few event coordinators can accommodate everything a customer can toss at them under the classification of requests. With the support of the dedicated team, they will happy to steer with the customer on ideation, innovation, infuse creativity, and far more. Be that because it may, unquestionably, the events company must clear the air regarding what they ought to or shouldn’t do to remain off from false impressions that are before schedule within the transaction procedure.

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Tips And Tricks To Grilling By Professional Chefs

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These include hickory, mesquite, applewood, cherrywood, pecan wood, Brazilian pepper eucalyptus, green tea leaves etc. Most commonly used woods are maple wood & oak wood as these give out a great aroma and flavour to the meat.

If you have a gas grill, it’s easy to add wood chips or charcoal for grilling. If your food is already in the grill before adding these flavours, then just put them under the grate and close the lid. The flavour will slowly seep into your food as it cooks, making it extremely delicious! You can also use an aluminium pouch to seal up some of those small pieces of wood chips but make sure that there are no holes in this pouch when doing so.

Here are a few tips on grilling from some pros in the field.

Preparing the meat for grilling.
Preparing your meat for grilling early is important because it takes a good amount of time for it to cook. Marinade your meat with the right seasoning so you will have the best tasting meat possible. Different meats need different herbs, spices and seasoning, so you will need to know what each one is. For example, beef should be marinated in garlic, onion and salt while pork should be marinated in ginger, lemon grass, coriander leaves etc.

The different types of wood.
Understanding the different types of wood used for grilling is important because this will help you know which one to use with certain foods. For example, citrus fruits are best when paired with oakwood chips or chunks so they absorb all their flavors. Mesquite would work well with beef steak while it absorbs its natural juices very quickly giving your steaks a deep smoky flavor that people love! However not every type of meat can handle mesquite’s strong Smokey taste; fish doesn’t go well at all but chicken can pair nicely too if done subtly.

Prepping vegetables and sauces.
Vegetables and sauces are an important part of your grilled dish, but not all vegetables are made equal. Some need to be prepped before they can go on the grill while others don’t require any work at all! For example, eggplant has a very high-water content which will make it cause flare-ups if you plan using direct heat since that’s what most grills use for cooking meat and veggies alike. Instead of putting your oil or marinade directly onto your eggplant just brush it on after it comes off the grill so its flavor is preserved instead of being burnt by too much exposure to fire. It doesn’t matter how much practice you have with barbecuing meat just master grilling veggies first! They’re easy but tasty, especially when there is no grease involved.

As far as sauces go, there’s no wrong way to sauce up those tasty grilled meats but some pairings are definitely more classic than others. For instance, BBQ chicken wings taste better with a tangy BBQ sauce that’s not too spicy.

Cooking on a charcoal grill.
Charcoal grills can be quite tricky but offer a whole different flavor to meat. The trick is getting the coals right because if the heat it too high, your food will burn.

Cooking on a gas grill.
Gas grills are far easier to operate for your grilling work than charcoal grills and offer a bit more control. If you want to cook food faster and not risk charring it too much, then a gas grill may be the option for you.

Always preheat the grill.
Pre-heating your grill is important for two reasons. First, it allows the metal to heat up so that food does not stick while cooking. Second, pre-heating ensures your foods cook evenly on both sides of the grill. Grill temperature is crucial to grilling food. For meats, allow your steak or other meat to reach room temperature before placing it on a hot grill. This prevents uneven cooking and ensures that all parts of the meat are cooked evenly. It also allows for great flavors to be added into steaks as they cook due to “the maillard reaction” which occurs when sugars in foods caramelize at high temperatures.

Use a light coat of oil or cooking spray on both sides of meat to prevent sticking and ensure even cooking.

Applying a light coating of oil on the meat prior to grilling ensures the meat will not stick to the grill. This creates a more uniform cooking time, and results in even doneness of your steak or other meats.

Add marinade just before grilling for added flavor without reducing the meat’s natural juices. Marinate should be added to meat about 30 minutes before cooking.

Cook hot dogs over medium-high heat so they don’t burn on one side while remaining raw in other areas. This is because they typically cook in about a minute per side.

Grilling can be done during any season of the year, and is a favourite way to prepare food. If you are not sure how to use your grill or what types of food should go on it, ask an expert professional chef for advice. Cooking with grills has never been simpler. Before starting to grill however, make sure that you wear one of the best chef aprons you can find in the market, such a bib apron that covers your entire body. You never know when the heat might get too much to bear!

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Article Marketing Tips – 3 Ideas to Easily Milk More Traffic Out of Article Direct Marketing!

Jun 17 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Article direct marketing is a ‘new age’ invention. These articles written about the product are essential in bringing in the traffic to your website. Creating the articles involves a lot of research into the organization and the product or services. The articles are written such that they attract the readers with entertaining or informative content.

Article direct marketing needs your content to be out there where it can be seen. You can place your content in a lot of places but you have to choose carefully as to where you want it.

1. Putting your content on special directories is a great idea. Well known directories are a fabulous endorsement of your brand and being in the directory listing itself will boost traffic. Choose directories based on your organizations needs. Ensure that the directory visitors are part of your target client base.

2. Use blogs to put up articles on the internet. Blogspace is free and hence is a cheap alternative too. Blogs tend to be read by a lot of people and are a very interactive place too. Blogs will help you interact in a more casual manner with your clients.

3. Create a neat and attractive website for your article content. Ensure that your website is well linked such that many websites will direct visitors to your site. Your own web space will also improve the credibility of your brand.

Direct article marketing is a useful feature to the company. This method gives the company to express its opinion on issues thus showing its ability to understand the customers and their needs!

Fabian Tan is a well-known Internet Marketing expert and the author of the popular 45-page Report: “Murder Your Job: How To Build Cash Sucking Autopilot Businesses In 30 Days Or Less!”

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Should You Join More Than One Network Marketing Company?

Jun 17 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

I must admit to being amazed at the amount of people who sign up with more than one direct sales company. I personally do not believe it’s a good business choice. I’ll explain why.

What product do you market and to whom? I have found this question to come up often for those who represent more than one company. You meet Lisa at your child’s swim lesson. You and Lisa begin talking. She mentions wishing she had more time to spend outside of the home. You quickly tell her you sell Pampered Chef and explain how you are out of the home two nights a week holding parties. Lisa tells you that home parties were not what she had in mind when she mentioned being out of the home more. Do you now quickly add, “Oh wait a minute, I also sell Watkins, but I only sell it online?”

Another example, you win a free ad on a website. Do you promote Shaklee and their health and wellness products, or do you promote Usborne Books and their lineup of products? Do you want to promote yourself as the “book and vitamin lady/man”? What if you decide to promote Shaklee and then you later meet a member of that particular website/community who tells you that she just ordered books from the person who promotes their book business?

I’m an article writer. When I write about direct sales, all of my bios have a link back to my direct sales site. If you represent more than one company, which link do you use in your article bios?

The next challenge I have seen is duplication. Network marketing is about duplication. Companies provide every distributor with the same system, the same formula, the same training. Team leaders provide their entire downline with the same system, the same formula, the same training. I can’t say it enough, network marketing is about duplication. It is near impossible to tell your group that even though you represent two or three or maybe four different companies that they should only represent one.

The final challenge I see is building sales. You are only one person. If you can find fifty customers in one month, those fifty people are not going to spend money on each of your businesses. Instead they’ll split their money amongst the various companies you represent. This could hurt you in commissions, as you may never hit the highest commission payout in any one company.

If you want to join a company to get a discount on your own personal products, that’s great. However it is my recommendation that you only represent one company as a business.

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Do You Invest in Buzz Marketing?

Jun 17 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Every website looks for visitors – more and more of it. Now, if you think that web marketers fight hard for more visitors only to improve their sales volume, you are making a great mistake. I agree that, for most of the commercial websites, the ultimate motto is earning more. But smart marketers do not overtly display this intention. And that’s where they are successful.


Let’s start from scratch for a better and smoother understanding of this praxis.

You need people to know about your products so that they can buy them and you can make profit. Is that all? Normally, in this situation, one visitor equals to one sale. And thus the effort you spend to get the one visitor equals to one sale too. If you need more sales, you need to spend more. I agree that, the existing consumer may talk about the greatness of your product in his or her own network. And thus you may expect more sales. Smart marketers normally spread the awareness virus in the target audience and wait for the word of mouth marketing do the job for them.

What do you normally do to get more targeted visitors? Either you directly spend on advertisement or you start getting links to improve search engine ranking of your website. Now, for every targeted links (with proper anchor text) you need to contact a webmaster. Thus, you get one link for each contact (however, in normal situation, even hundred cold calls may result into one targeted link). If you need more links, you need to contact more webmasters. Here smart marketers, do things differently. They work on core product development and go viral with their content. They inform more and more people about their website or service and than wait for them to link to his or her website.

However, you may argue that, these natural links are not good enough to improve your search engine ranking. To some extant, I agree with your point. At the same time, you also need lots of natural links to keep things natural. You need those links to keep things natural.

Thus smart marketers do not always directly work for more sales. On the contrary, they work hard to spread the information or the idea in the target market. And thus they not only improve direct sales, they also improve their search engine ranking to get more targeted and free visitors.

To add to this, they do not also need to spend huge amount to buy every target consumer.

So, what does smart marketers do to spread the idea virus?

1. Smart marketers mainly depend on core product development. They also spin some stories around that product so that target market can easily associate the product with their need.

2. They work hard on buzz marketing. They involve the authoritative bloggers and the business hubs to spread the buzz about their products around.

3. They work hard to get more visitors from targeted social networks.

To put it simply, they try to engage the target market rather than selling anything to them directly.

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Plumbers – Direct Mail – A Powerful Marketing Strategy

Jun 17 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Getting results from a direct mail campaign can be pot luck but if it is done in the right way can be a real success. The key to developing successful direct mail campaigns is to test and one way of doing this is to use what is know as the three piece mailing.

When your direct mail out arrives with its recipient it may arrive at the same time that they require the products or services that you provide and they will get in touch with you straight away. However, in most cases this won’t happen straight away but you may have sparked an interest so you need to mail them repeatedly to encourage them to contact you.

A good way of testing if there is an interest there is to have a three piece mailing with each mailshot being slightly different to the last. If you send the same mail out every time it will probably just be disregarded so you can test the different mailings to see which brings in the best response.

As you are a plumber and the cold weather is on its way you could send a mailing to publicise the pipe insulation service you offer. The following is an idea of how your three piece mailing could work:-

1) Autumn is nearly over and the cold weather is on its way, avoid burst pipes this winter and have your pipes insulated.

2) Weather forecast predicts a cold snap just round the corner, get your pipes well insulated before it is too late!

3) “I knew I should have got that sorted” what your better half will say if you have a burst pipe this winter, call us now.

If you send a mail out such as this it will get people interested and even though the recipient may not require your services they will be likely to tell other people they know who may then give you a call.

Plumbers discover very easy to implement marketing and internet marketing strategies to recession proof your business with this free E-Book from Marketing Man. Marketing Tips for Plumbers

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4 Mistakes That You Should Avoid in Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is a proven profitable online business that enables many affiliates live in wealthy lifestyle. If you are not making any money or money that is good enough to replace your day job, then there must be somewhere wrong in the way you do affiliate marketing. Check out whether you have made any of these 4 mistakes which you should avoid if you want to success in an affiliate business:

Mistake #1: Not selecting the right product

Not all affiliate products will make you money, you need to select the right product that demand by the consumers and generate enough commission to make profit out of each sale makes through your affiliate link. In selecting a product to sell in affiliate marketing, you need to take into a few considerations:

Merchant’s landing page. It must be able to convert the visitors into buying customers.
Commission must be high enough to cover your marketing or advertising cost based on an accurate estimation of traffic-to-sale conversion rate.
The product should have good market demand. This can be estimated by analyzing the related keywords search volume.
Mistake #2: Lazy to test the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns
You have setup a number of marketing campaigns through Google AdWords and other pay-per-click advertising media, but you never keep track on how your campaigns are performing. Hence, you don’t know which campaigns make money and which are not. When you encounter losses in affiliate marketing due to the cost of marketing is more than the revenue generated, you quit. If you have tracked your campaigns performance, most of time, you can turn the loss into profit just by removing ineffective campaigns.

Mistake #3: Do not own a website

Most affiliates use direct-linking method to channel the traffic generated from their pay-per-click ads to merchant’s website. Direct-linking may work well in the past, but not in today’s competitive affiliate marketing environment. Moreover, people hate to be hard-sell, which is done by most merchant websites. Instead, the customers prefer to be soft-sell or pre-sell where they get more details information about the product or service they are interested in, and then they will follow the recommendation or refer link to the merchant website if they are interest to buy it. Therefore, you should have a website to pre-sell your visitors before you direct them to the merchant website.

Mistake #4: Sign up too many affiliate programs

Many affiliates especially those who are new tend to sign up with many affiliate programs and try to promote every of them. This action most like do more harm then good. When you try to promote too many affiliate products from too many affiliate programs, you tend to lose focus and direction, making you unable to apply effective marketing strategies that make you profit from affiliate marketing. Sign up with too many affiliate programs and promoting too many affiliate products will lead you to nowhere.


Affiliate marketing is a proven business model and you should be able to success making money from it unless you have made the common mistakes done by most affiliates who have failed in their affiliate marketing efforts.

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Direct Sales Team Building in the Internet Age

Jun 17 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Are you involved in party planning, network marketing, or MLM?

If so, you already understand the most important aspect of building your direct sales business is growing your downline Team, DUH! Without a doubt that is true…at least partially.

The whole truth is that you must create a downline Team that is effective at consistently, over time, growing their sales and building their downline Teams too.

So the real question you should be trying to answer is how can I develop a downline Team that is constantly motivated and effective at building their downline Teams?

The answer…is creating a dynamic environment where your team learns, collaborates, and shares. An environment that brings together all the resources of your Team into one collaborative “think-tank” that evolves and grows organically over time from the shared wisdom of everyone single one of your ‘teammates’.

Right! So how do you go about creating a dynamic Team environment that gets the results you need? Well…that’s not so obvious. Especially when most Teams quickly spread to virtually anywhere in the U.S. or even across the globe.

Fortunately it can be done and as you will discover “virtually” it is possible.

Building a dynamic Team learning environment for your direct sales business is a journey well worth taking. But before getting started, there are a few basic concepts you should be aware of:

1. Several Factors must be carefully considered as you design your plan including the differing learning and motivational styles that make up every Team. The limitations on your time. And how to overcome geographic and time zones constraints.

2. Two important Team Metrics drive the financial return for your business. Make sure you have a way to track them and then the flexibility to adjust your Team development efforts as your numbers dictate.

3. There are many “low-to-no” cost Tools you can use for your Team building program. Finding the ones that are right for you and your Team is an important consideration.

As you have probably discovered by now with your Team, not everyone learns and is motivated in the same way. Some are more computer savvy than others; some are avid readers…others not so much. Some learn and apply things quickly; others are more conservative and will grow into their new world slowly as it fits into their comfort zone.

In this business some are more motivated by quick results and financial measures. Others are more motivated by recognition and peer interaction.

Net-net, most need quick and consistent results and whether they will admit it or not, have an appreciation for personal recognition.

So the challenge confronting you is to provide a Team development setting that successfully caters to all these varying learning styles and the diverse motivational complexes of such an assorted group of wonderful individuals – all trying to achieve common goals of building their direct sales business the best they can.

Another critical consideration is to recognize you can’t do it all yourself. You have limitations on the time you can commit to your Team building efforts, as you still need to focus on your own personal sales and recruiting efforts.

Finally, consider this…while most direct sales Teams start out as a fairly centralized local group, they will soon expand geographically to all areas of the country and in some cases, across the globe. Having a Team development model that accounts for this scenario is imperative.

In a nutshell, to make your Team building program workable for you, you must construct a process that…

o Addresses the varying learning and motivational styles that exist or will exist on your Team

o Doesn’t hinder your personal efforts to focus on your sales and recruiting efforts

o Is deployable from virtually anywhere to virtually anywhere (i.e., no geographic or time zone boundaries)

As with any Team building effort you want to pay special attention to the results you are getting so you know what is working and what is not.

Keep this in mind…
With any direct sales business, typically there are two key “Team Metrics” that determine your businesses financial return.

TEAM SALES GROWTH. Are your Team sales growing year-over-year?
At what rate of increase?

TEAM SPONSORSHIP GROWTH. Are your Team’s recruiting rates increasing year-over-year?
At what rate of increase?

In analyzing your results, you want to be assessing each of these key metrics independently over time. If you have the numbers available, it can be very useful to go back one year to compare your results prior to adding any new Team building programs.

You will know you are on the right track if these metrics are accelerating at increasing rates over your historical growth rates…prior to implementing your Team building programs.

A point to ponder…
An important element of any Team development program is to account for flexibility. Properly done you should be able to adjust your Team development emphasis to address the area or areas that need the most attention.

For example, if you are seeing very consistent Team sales growth, but your sponsorship rates are lagging, you can adjust the emphasis of your Team training toward recruiting strategies and tactics (or, vice versa depending on your Team Metrics).

By tracking and monitoring your Team Metrics you have the data you need to guide your training and development efforts in the direction that best optimizes the return for your business.

It takes a little time at the end of each month to calculate your Team Metrics, but it is well worth the effort.

We are so blessed in this day-and-age to have available a plethora of useful tools that can help us in our Team building efforts. And the really GREAT thing is most of them are FREE!

The key is in selecting the tools that work best for each situation. The challenge is to review all of the various tools out there and narrow them down to those that meet your specific Team building objectives.
An important consideration is to align tool selection with specific Team building needs. For example, you need to keep in mind one of the key Factors we have been discussing – people learn and are motivated in differing ways. Tools that address different learning and motivational styles are an important consideration, amongst others.

We’ll be discussing specific tools to consider in greater detail in future articles, but suffice it to say that no one tool addresses every aspect you should consider. Most are intuitive and the results speak for themselves.

Read that as…the effort is worth the reward!

ABOUT US The lessons we learned in building our direct sales business were quite different from the many we had heard and read about. Specifically, as teachers and technologists by training, we quickly realized we had to master the “art AND science” of addressing many differing learning and motivational styles without regard to geographic or time zone boundaries.

In today’s Internet age, we can all reach so many more people in fabulous ways, with “no-to-low” cost methods, than ever before. By applying proven approaches for addressing differing learning and motivational styles from virtually anywhere to virtually anywhere, you too can achieve the rich rewards you desire with your direct sales business.

There is no greater resource available to your business than the unique individuals within YOUR Team! You see, once you have a sound approach for learning, collaborating and sharing with your Team, you are collectively in a position to grow and prosper from the wisdom of everyone on your Team. Together everyone becomes producers of their own knowledge and success rather than simply a consumer of your knowledge and success.

Our Team motto is Learn, Collaborate, and Share. Our role is to provide the mechanisms to make that happen. We feel blessed to be in a position to share with you how you too can make this a reality in your world.

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Network Marketing Lead Generation – The Ticket to Your Success in MLM and Direct Sales

Jun 17 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

The ability to have an endless lead generation system in your network marketing and direct sales business is crucial to your success in the MLM industry. One thing I will tell you though, there is no such thing as easy success.

To be successful in this business, you need to have a few things.

A Mentor

A Plan of Attack

PMA (Which stands for Positive Mental Attitude for the Newbies)

A Big Dream

A no quit until the job is done attitude

Everyone gets started the same way. Zero people in your group and zero volume flowing through your business. You need to get busy quickly as MLM will break your bank if you don’t create some cash flow.

You start with the people in your warm market (Friends, Family)-This is just practice by the way. Next you need to study the masters and what they have done to have what they have. Invest in the books they recommend, subscribe to the systems that they used and follow them to the “T”.

Leads are the raw materials that go in the top of your funnel. Through the filtering process, those leads (people), will either filter out or drop down to the next level of commitment.

Eventually at the bottom of your funnel, you will spit out business owners. You will also have generated money through your funded proposals which are a part of your lead generation system. Network Marketing and direct sales gets fun at this point.

When you start to get some results, now it’s time to pour the fuel on the fire to create maximum MLM momentum. Write quality articles, create quality video’s, and most importantly, create quality relationships with everyone in your extended network.

These are sure fire ways to have endless lead generation for a first class ticket into the MLM and direct sales hall of fame.

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