Do You Invest in Buzz Marketing?

Every website looks for visitors – more and more of it. Now, if you think that web marketers fight hard for more visitors only to improve their sales volume, you are making a great mistake. I agree that, for most of the commercial websites, the ultimate motto is earning more. But smart marketers do not overtly display this intention. And that’s where they are successful.


Let’s start from scratch for a better and smoother understanding of this praxis.

You need people to know about your products so that they can buy them and you can make profit. Is that all? Normally, in this situation, one visitor equals to one sale. And thus the effort you spend to get the one visitor equals to one sale too. If you need more sales, you need to spend more. I agree that, the existing consumer may talk about the greatness of your product in his or her own network. And thus you may expect more sales. Smart marketers normally spread the awareness virus in the target audience and wait for the word of mouth marketing do the job for them.

What do you normally do to get more targeted visitors? Either you directly spend on advertisement or you start getting links to improve search engine ranking of your website. Now, for every targeted links (with proper anchor text) you need to contact a webmaster. Thus, you get one link for each contact (however, in normal situation, even hundred cold calls may result into one targeted link). If you need more links, you need to contact more webmasters. Here smart marketers, do things differently. They work on core product development and go viral with their content. They inform more and more people about their website or service and than wait for them to link to his or her website.

However, you may argue that, these natural links are not good enough to improve your search engine ranking. To some extant, I agree with your point. At the same time, you also need lots of natural links to keep things natural. You need those links to keep things natural.

Thus smart marketers do not always directly work for more sales. On the contrary, they work hard to spread the information or the idea in the target market. And thus they not only improve direct sales, they also improve their search engine ranking to get more targeted and free visitors.

To add to this, they do not also need to spend huge amount to buy every target consumer.

So, what does smart marketers do to spread the idea virus?

1. Smart marketers mainly depend on core product development. They also spin some stories around that product so that target market can easily associate the product with their need.

2. They work hard on buzz marketing. They involve the authoritative bloggers and the business hubs to spread the buzz about their products around.

3. They work hard to get more visitors from targeted social networks.

To put it simply, they try to engage the target market rather than selling anything to them directly.

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