Network Marketing Lead Generation – The Ticket to Your Success in MLM and Direct Sales

The ability to have an endless lead generation system in your network marketing and direct sales business is crucial to your success in the MLM industry. One thing I will tell you though, there is no such thing as easy success.

To be successful in this business, you need to have a few things.

A Mentor

A Plan of Attack

PMA (Which stands for Positive Mental Attitude for the Newbies)

A Big Dream

A no quit until the job is done attitude

Everyone gets started the same way. Zero people in your group and zero volume flowing through your business. You need to get busy quickly as MLM will break your bank if you don’t create some cash flow.

You start with the people in your warm market (Friends, Family)-This is just practice by the way. Next you need to study the masters and what they have done to have what they have. Invest in the books they recommend, subscribe to the systems that they used and follow them to the “T”.

Leads are the raw materials that go in the top of your funnel. Through the filtering process, those leads (people), will either filter out or drop down to the next level of commitment.

Eventually at the bottom of your funnel, you will spit out business owners. You will also have generated money through your funded proposals which are a part of your lead generation system. Network Marketing and direct sales gets fun at this point.

When you start to get some results, now it’s time to pour the fuel on the fire to create maximum MLM momentum. Write quality articles, create quality video’s, and most importantly, create quality relationships with everyone in your extended network.

These are sure fire ways to have endless lead generation for a first class ticket into the MLM and direct sales hall of fame.

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