Put Your Future in Your Own Hands With a Self Directed IRA

Self directed IRA passive income used to be considered a pie in the sky concept.

These days, as the market fluctuates wildly and confidence in corporate America is flagging, self directed IRA’s are becoming much more of a reality, even a necessity.

Why trust your future to someone else’s judgment when you can make decisions for yourself and see your retirement income multiply by leaps and bounds?

Most of us have already set up an IRA, whether through our employers or on our own. With the cost of living escalating, it is only normal to want to provide a financial cushion for your retirement.

However, most IRA’s are overseen by a broker or bank and they see a minimal return for you. By opting to put your retirement funds in a self directed IRA, you maintain control over your own money and can make your own decisions.

As you can no doubt imagine, choosing the self directed route can give you real peace of mind. It can also see a significant increase in your self directed IRA passive income.

By self managing, you can direct your funds into the channels that will give you the best return on your hard earned dollars.

When it comes to IRA investing, there are many options but especially in these days of unrest on Wall Street, nothing is proving as secure as investing in real estate. Once you have opened a self directed IRA, you can opt to use your cash balance to purchase real estate holdings.

Everything from private homes to apartment buildings, condos and businesses can be purchased with the mortgage or deed held by the account itself.

The IRS forbids the use of IRA funds to purchase a home which you intend to live in yourself, but you are free to purchase real estate for rental, re-sale or long term investment.

By doing so, your self directed IRA passive income can be increased by as much as twice the regular return on traditional IRA’s which lean on corporate investment for their financial growth.

Generally speaking, real estate is a concrete investment, one which provides tangible returns which are not directly reliant on the vagaries of Wall Street. You choose which properties to purchase and how to dispose of them…whether using them to accrue income through renting or refurbishing and reselling them for a higher profit.

And by using your retirement fund rather than personal funds to make real estate purchases you can further increase your profit by avoiding Capital Gains taxes.

There is no reason to continue letting your IRA creep along with limited returns or to take increased risks gambling on the stock market.

There are alternatives which can be highly profitable and help make your future a comfortable one.

Self directed IRA passive income can mean the difference between just getting by and retiring in comfort, providing you make the right choices like investing in real estate.

You needn’t be at the mercy of a financial advisor.

It’s your money and you can almost double it by making smart real estate investments.

Don’t take your future for granted, take it in your own hands and put your IRA funds to work for you today.

To get started on accomplishing your retirement goals choose a real estate turnkey company to invest your self-directed IRA money in real estate.

This is the best investment strategy considering today’s economic environment for building a secure financial future.

Isn’t your financial future worth it?

Ed Gosselin researches retirement investment strategies while advocating IRA real estate turnkey solutions [http://www.higher-ira-returns.com] as a means of diversifying your portfolio while maximizing your returns.

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