Should You Join More Than One Network Marketing Company?

I must admit to being amazed at the amount of people who sign up with more than one direct sales company. I personally do not believe it’s a good business choice. I’ll explain why.

What product do you market and to whom? I have found this question to come up often for those who represent more than one company. You meet Lisa at your child’s swim lesson. You and Lisa begin talking. She mentions wishing she had more time to spend outside of the home. You quickly tell her you sell Pampered Chef and explain how you are out of the home two nights a week holding parties. Lisa tells you that home parties were not what she had in mind when she mentioned being out of the home more. Do you now quickly add, “Oh wait a minute, I also sell Watkins, but I only sell it online?”

Another example, you win a free ad on a website. Do you promote Shaklee and their health and wellness products, or do you promote Usborne Books and their lineup of products? Do you want to promote yourself as the “book and vitamin lady/man”? What if you decide to promote Shaklee and then you later meet a member of that particular website/community who tells you that she just ordered books from the person who promotes their book business?

I’m an article writer. When I write about direct sales, all of my bios have a link back to my direct sales site. If you represent more than one company, which link do you use in your article bios?

The next challenge I have seen is duplication. Network marketing is about duplication. Companies provide every distributor with the same system, the same formula, the same training. Team leaders provide their entire downline with the same system, the same formula, the same training. I can’t say it enough, network marketing is about duplication. It is near impossible to tell your group that even though you represent two or three or maybe four different companies that they should only represent one.

The final challenge I see is building sales. You are only one person. If you can find fifty customers in one month, those fifty people are not going to spend money on each of your businesses. Instead they’ll split their money amongst the various companies you represent. This could hurt you in commissions, as you may never hit the highest commission payout in any one company.

If you want to join a company to get a discount on your own personal products, that’s great. However it is my recommendation that you only represent one company as a business.

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